Olympics accommodations QR codes offer visitors convenient tourism information


The quick response codes have been installed in hotels and lodgings close to PyeongChang. The city of Gangneung, which is located close to PyeongChang, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will begin in February, has added Olympics accommodations QR codes to help tourists. The quick response code installations are being added to the accommodations where tourists will be staying when they attend the games next month. The QR codes have been posted in hotels and other lodgings so tourists can scan and obtain information. The Olympics accommodations QR codes can be…

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Samsung announces augmented reality application for Olympic Games

Augmented reality-Olympic Games

Olympics may be ideal venue for augmented reality The 2012 Olympic Games will begin this month in the United Kingdom. As per usual, the event is garnering a great deal of international attention as most of the world’s countries will be represented in various sporting events. In the UK, many companies have been working on ways to improve the experience of those that will be visiting the country for the event. Some believe the Olympics will pose a unique opportunity for these companies to expose consumers to new technologies and…

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Holiday Inn London launches augmented reality campaign ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games

Augmented Reality Video6

Holiday Inn London is claiming the title of world’s first augmented reality hotel. The expansive hotel chain has teamed with augmented reality developer Aurasma to launch the Holiday Inn Olympic STAY YOU Campaign. The campaign brings together some of the British athletes that will compete in this year’s Olympic Games, which will be held in London. Holiday Inn is preparing for the event by giving those visiting the country to view the Olympics a chance to see Olympic athletes in their own rooms. These will only be digital representations, of…

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