Nokia adopts augmented reality for new navigation app

Nokia Headquaters

Nokia has begun upgrading its location-based services to better incorporate augmented reality technology. The telecommunications company has plans to synchronize these services with its latest augmented reality application that will come pre-equipped on new Nokia smart phones. Nokia has taken a greater interest in new mobile technologies, such as NFC technology, in order to enhance their services to customers. With augmented reality becoming more popular in the mobile industry, the adoption of the technology seemed inevitable. The company is currently collecting geographic information from 196 countries around the world. Some…

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San Francisco first in line to try NFC phones

San Francisco NFC Phones

  More than 70 thousand San Francisco residents may be among the first to get to use the new interactive Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Over the next six months RMG Networks will implement the new program called mTag.  The development was a joint venture between RMG Networks and Blue Bite. Reach Media Group (RMG Networks) is headquartered in San Francisco, California. RMG Networks is a place-based media company that provides news, video entertainment and information, along with away from home solutions for advertising. RMG’s digital out of home (DOOH)…

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