NFC technology enabled devices rise in popularity

NFC Technology - card reader

This technology is starting to build confidence in security and its usability makes it practical for the Internet of Things. NFC technology has how been available in several generations of smartphone – though it is only just now being added to the next Apple device, the iPhone 6 – and now it is starting to become more popular among consumers, as well. Recent research has suggested that it is coming out on top when it comes to the mobile payment market. The research was conducted by Frost & Sullivan. That…

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NFC technology may never lead the way in mobile wallets

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Forrester Research has predicted that this will not be the tech that powers smartphone payments. An analyst from Forrester Research spoke at the Mobile Shopping Fall Summit and has explained that she believes that it is not likely that NFC technology will ever lead the way in powering the mobile wallet ecosystem. During the speech that was made by the analyst, she described a number of the benefits of the efforts from the biggest players The senior analyst, Denee Carrington, of Forrester Research said that while she does understand the…

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NFC technology is taking off outside mobile payments

NFC technology key

Though near field communication has been a main focus for purchasing transactions, there are many more uses. NFC technology has been a primary focus for companies that have been making their way into the mobile payments industry, as they look for new and simple ways for individuals to be able to make a purchase using nothing more than a simple tap of the device on a reader. Now these chips are being implemented in a number of additional creative ways outside of payments. The use of NFC technology has attracted…

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