NFC technology market set for strong growth

NFC technology mobile payments

Report predicts bright future for NFC technology Markets and Markets, a leading market research firm, has released a new report concerning the global NFC technology market. NFC technology has been growing in popularity as mobile commerce becomes more common. The technology is currently the backbone of most mobile commerce initiatives, but is often used in marketing as well. The demand for this technology has been on the rise despite concerns regarding the security of NFC and its capabilities. Global market to hit $1.15 billion by 2016 According to the report,…

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Marketing firms team to develop NFC technology marketing program

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

NFC technology to be a centerpiece of new marketing program News America Marketing, a leading marketing firm and subsidiary of News Corp, has teamed with Thinaire, a specialist in mobile marketing technologies. Together, the two companies will work to develop a new marketing program that leverages the capabilities of NFC technology. The program will be designed with the retail industry in mind and will help retailers embrace NFC technology and use it to engage a new generation of consumers that have become highly reliant on their mobile devices. NFC remains…

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Inventor puts NFC technology into a ring

NFC technology ring John McLear

NFC technology becomes wearable NFC technology continues to break away from the realm of mobile commerce as innovative tech developers push the boundaries of the increasingly popular technology. John McLear, an ambitious tech expert and inventor, has created the NFC Ring. Like the name suggests, the NFC Ring is literally a ring that is equipped with NFC technology. The ring can be worn on the finger, of course, but what makes it stand out is its capability to interact with smartphones, tablets, and any other NFC-enabled device. NFC Ring takes…

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App developers showing favor for NFC technology

NFC technology mobile commerce

Survey shows that developers are considering NFC technology to be a high priority Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm, has released the latest results of its Mobile Development Survey. At least twice a year, the firm polls mobile developers around the world, collecting data to form insight on the emerging trends that are shaping the development landscape. This year, the Mobile Development Survey shows that NFC technology is becoming a major priority among applications developers. Many of these developers are beginning to support NFC throughout the platforms, with…

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NFC technology seeing more traffic with consumers

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NFC technology continues its slow ascent to fame NFC technology has been slowly gaining more attention in the mobile field over the past few years. The technology is relatively new when compared to devices like smartphones and tablets, but quickly established itself as one of the pillars of mobile commerce. NFC is not only used to facilitate mobile payments, of course, and the technology has seen a great deal of use in the marketing field. NFC has also been somewhat shrouded in controversy, especially when it comes to the matter…

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