QR codes and NFC stickers are central to a London cab company campaign

taxi Octopus qr code tracking

Quick response codes and near field communication tags are now being used to promote taxi app downloads. One of the largest cab operators in London, Radio Taxis, is now using QR codes and NFC stickers on its fleet of approximately 2,500 vehicles in order to promote its smartphone app and encourage a larger number of consumers to download it. The use of these stickers automatically directs mobile device users directly to the app’s download link. By either tapping the near field communication enabled stickers or scanning the QR codes, the…

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NFC technology used by Nokia and LOCATEL

Nokia NFC mobile technology

The partnership is bringing the tech to the hotel industry for greater ease of service for customers. Nokia and LOCATEL announced at the Dubai Hotel Show that they will be using NFC technology tags as a new way for guests to be able to both purchase and access hotel services throughout their stays. These tags are meant to appeal to the growing number of hotel guests who travel with enabled smartphones. NFC technology isn’t actually all that new, as it has been in existence for several years, but it is…

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QR codes and NFC tags appear in pop-up store in Russia

QR Codes in marketing

Media Markt leverages capabilities of QR codes and NFC tags Media Markt, an electronics retailer based in Russia, has launched a new shopping experience at a subway station in Moscow. The retailer has partnered with the Moscow Department of Transportation in order to establish a new “pop-up” store, which features both QR codes and NFC tags. The store will be made available in November of this year and will run through the end of the month. Those with smartphones and tablets will be able to purchase products from the store.…

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NFC technology Happy Table launched at McDonald’s

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

The feature uses enabled stickers to produce a digital experience through customer smartphones. Although many McDonald’s locations around the world feature a Playplace where kids can run around and play before or after they eat, but now there is a higher tech option being launched with kids living in Asia in mind and that uses NFC technology. Enabled stickers have been introduced to create a whole new in-house experience for the restaurant’s smallest customers. The NFC technology using stickers are meant to help boost the experience for kids in some…

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New mobile marketing campaign launched to promote Google Play in Australia

Mobile Marketing Google QR codes and NFC

Mobile marketing puts a new twist on traditional advertising tools With technology playing such a major role in the modern world, it can often be difficult to see the value of traditional marketing tools, such as billboards. For Google, marketing has long been a major priority, and not only for the company itself but the multitudes of others that rely on its marketing capabilities as well. Google has been working to promote its popular Google Play application store in Australia recently and has taped oOh! Media, a leading advertising firm,…

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