NFC technology experiences considerable surge in global use

NFC technology use World Wide

A recent survey shows that consumers have a greater awareness of the tech and are satisfied by it. A new study conducted by ABI Research has shown that consumers are considerably more familiar with NFC technology, and they are more satisfied with it as well. Over eight out of every ten consumers have used a contactless card or mobile payment wallet. According to the research, more than 85 percent of consumers have used NFC technology in the form of a “contactless card or mobile payment wallet.” Moreover, they have increased…

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Report highlights awareness of NFC-based mobile commerce in the UK

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC seems unpopular with UK consumers YouGov, an online market research firm, has released a report focused on NFC technology. NFC has been gaining a significant degree of attention in recent months due to reports concerning its security and the fact that it is losing ground in the field of mobile commerce. NFC has long formed the backbone of mobile payments, used by retailers and other businesses to facilitate payments in a relatively efficient manner. NFC may not be as popular as many believe, however, despite the apparent popularity of…

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NFC technology trial to begin at McDonald’s in Canada

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

A new mobile payments program has started its testing at the fast food chain giant. McDonald’s has just announced that it is beginning a trial run of its first NFC technology mobile payments program at some of its Canadian restaurant locations. The service allows individuals with enabled smartphones to simply tap their devices to pay for their meals. The restaurant chain has partnered with the Interac Association to be able to offer mobile payments through NFC technology enabled smartphones and readers. Interac Flash is the name of the contactless solution…

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NFC technology debate avoided by Vend

NFC Technology mobile payments

This partner of PayPal is dodging the risk of taking sides in the massive mobile payments controversy. As Vend – a partner with PayPal – opens its first Australian office in order to broaden its mobile payments reach, it is being careful to remain neutral in its position when it comes to NFC technology, which has generated strong degrees of love and hate throughout the industry. In this case, the company has taken careful steps in an attempt to remain “payments agnostic”. This, according to Vaughan Rowsell, the CEO of…

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NFC technology absent in new US Cellular mobile payments launch

mobile payments without NFC technology

Near field communication will not be a part of the most recent smartphone transaction solution. Smartphone users have yet to get on board with mobile payment solutions that are currently offered by various different financial institutions, wireless providers, and other players in the marketplace, but US Cellular has now taken its own steps into the environment, though without requiring the NFC technology that has been a common focus for many companies. This new service will not need the smartphone user’s phone to be near field communication enabled. This is a…

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