NFC technology used by Nokia and LOCATEL

Nokia NFC mobile technology

The partnership is bringing the tech to the hotel industry for greater ease of service for customers. Nokia and LOCATEL announced at the Dubai Hotel Show that they will be using NFC technology tags as a new way for guests to be able to both purchase and access hotel services throughout their stays. These tags are meant to appeal to the growing number of hotel guests who travel with enabled smartphones. NFC technology isn’t actually all that new, as it has been in existence for several years, but it is…

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NFC technology shows strong growth in mobile sector

NFC Technology

NFC technology continues to receive support from device makers NFC technology has been seeing some turbulence among consumers and businesses over the past year. The technology had once been remarkably popular due to its use in mobile commerce, but has since fallen from grace due to the security concerns that surround it. Mobile commerce is not the only use for NFC, of course, but the technology has only seen modest use beyond this sector. While some companies have been moving away from NFC technology, makers of smartphones and tablets continue…

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NFC technology based Google Wallet stops intentions for plastic card

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

The mobile payments program is designed to kill off credit cards, and this now includes its own. Google wallet, the mobile payments program from the search engine giant that is based on NFC technology has been referred to as a credit card killer because its intentions are to revolutionize the transaction marketplace. However, it looks as though the first credit card the program will be killing off is its own. Google Wallet’s head, Osama Bedier, left and once he was gone, an internal memo that was released revealed that it…

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Mobile commerce may need to shrug off NFC technology

Mobile Commerce NFC technology

NFC may be a hindrance to mobile commerce Mobile commerce is becoming much more than a passing trend. Companies both large and small are beginning to invest heavily into mobile commerce, considering this emerging sector to be the next evolutionary step for commerce as a whole. This belief is being backed by hordes of consumers participating in mobile commerce, many of whom are citing convenience as their reason for abandoning traditional forms of commerce. There is a problem that could serve to derail the future of mobile commerce, however. As…

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NFC technology receives another boost in Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy Mini NFC technology mobile commerce

This newly launched device will offer users more opportunities to conveniently share content. Samsung has just announced its latest smartphone launch, the new Galaxy S3 Mini, which is NFC enabled in order to allow its users to be able to more quickly and easily share content such as music, videos, and photos. This is considered to be some of the latest in smartphone technology, though it has come with some controversy. These new devices are equipped with the manufacturer’s S Beam technology. This permits users to tap other enabled devices…

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