NFC technology adopted by US Bancorp

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

US Bancorp embraced NFC technology for mobile commerce U.S. Bancorp, the parent company of U.S. Bank, has announced that it will be testing NFC technology for a new service being made available to iPhone users. The financial services company has been keeping track of the advent of mobile commerce and believes that the time may be right to begin looking into ways to engage mobile consumers in a new way. The test represents an iPhone case and application that are meant to appeal to consumers interested in mobile commerce. New…

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Commonwealth Bank adopts NFC technology with new iPhone app

Mobile Commerce Bank

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank, a multinational financial institution, has announced a new iPhone app that will make use of NFC technology. The bank is looking to mimic the relative success other companies have had with so called mobile wallets – smart phones that can be used to make purchases. The bank’s adoption of the technology heralds the dawning of a new era in Australia, and other countries, that may see smart phones replacing debit cards or cash. It may be difficult to win over consumers, however, as many are still unfamiliar…

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