Intel to make augmented reality chipsets with the help of Total Immersion

Intel 8742 chip wearable technology

The Intel Corporation, a multinational technology company based in the U.S., has announced that it is developing a new computer chipset that will incorporate augmented reality technology. Intel has teamed with Total Immersion, an AR development firm, to make the new chipset possible. Both companies anticipate releasing the first augmented reality chipsets into the commercial market in roughly three years. Exactly what these new computer chips will be capable of is not yet known, but Intel expects that they will change how people use computers. Augmented reality is becoming a…

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Layar challenges developers to revitalize print industry through use of augmented reality

Layar AR Browser

In a world growing increasingly enamored with all things digital, the publishing industry has begun falling behind. While print still holds a treasured place in the hearts of an older generation, younger people are not convinced of the value of published works. The new generation believes that technology is the only viable form of media, claiming that print has little place in a digital era. Layar, pioneers of augmented reality, however, is not willing to let the publishing industry slide into obscurity. Layar is well known for its development of…

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Demand for AR in the medical field is on the rise, more surgeons making use of technology to overcome obstacles

mobile health Augmented Reality Health Industry

When people think about augmented reality, they rarely imagine the technology beyond its applications in terms of games and advertising. Indeed, it has only been very recently that the technology has been getting any mainstream attention, due mostly to its adoption by big-name technology companies and game designers. AR has been around for decades, however, and has been playing a major role in the medical field. As the technology becomes more advanced and complex, demand for augmented reality in the health care industry is on the rise. Technology has been…

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Panasonic taps Aurasma to bring marketing campaign to life with augmented reality

Panasonic Aurasma Augmented Reality Campaign

Panasonic has announced that it will be using Aurasma, a prestigious augmented reality platform, in a new marketing campaign for the new Lumix G3 camera. The campaign, titled “Small Camera, Epic Shots,” will be completely based upon augmented reality, a technology that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Aurasma will blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds as Panasonic launched their campaign worldwide later in the week. The campaign will be centered on two British photographers who trekked across the U.S. with their Lumix G3 camera.…

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The value of augmented reality is uncertain, market research shows

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality has been around since the 1970’s, but it has only now begun gaining momentum. AR has really begun to shine in the advent of mobile technology, and more businesses are becoming aware of its presence. Commercially, augmented reality has been successful. Consumers are eager to experience a world enhanced by AR and often take part in the marketing campaigns or games that make use of the technology. Despite its commercial appeal, opinions regarding the actual value of AR vary amongst marketing professionals. The technology may not be young,…

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