Christchurch Brick Show uses LEGO QR code for COVID-19 check-in

LEGO QR Code - LEGO sign made out of LEGO

A couple that loves creating with the blocks formed the working model for the show’s sign-in. People in Christchurch, New Zealand lined up for blocks (so to speak), in order to be able to scan a LEGO QR code that acted as a COVID Tracer to enter the annual Christchurch Brick Show. The barcode check-ins are required as a part of the country’s COVID-19 tracing efforts. To make the barcode more fun and appropriate for the show’s experience, a married couple – first-year exhibitors – decided to create a working…

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Concern rises that seniors won’t scan bus COVID-19 Tracer app QR codes

COVID-19 Tracer app - passenger on bus

Auckland Transport’s contact tracing strategy may not work well for elderly riders. Starting Friday, all public transportation users in Auckland, New Zealand, will be required to use the COVID-19 Tracer app QR codes displayed. However, many people are concerned that seniors won’t be able to use this technology. Many elderly transit users do not have the smartphones needed to scan the QR codes. That said, the New Zealand government has stated that there are other ways for people to be able to ensure they are contacted if it is believed…

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QR codes boost food traceability in NZ

QR code tracing fruit

A new quick response code system has been implemented to help consumers learn their product sources. A traceability system has now been developed in New Zealand, which is meant to give consumers QR codes to scan so they will be able to use their smartphones to rapidly discover the sources of the products they want to buy. The quick response codes were chosen because of their low cost and ease of use through any smartphone. The system is called IDlocate and has been created by a company headquartered in Auckland,…

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QR codes encourage more recycling

QR Codes help encourage recycling

The Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is using mobile and prizes to boost their programs. A new promotion from the Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is taking a mobile friendly approach to promoting the use of its recycling program by using QR codes to give people the chance to win prizes when they recycle properly. The six week program will run until December 3, to draw attention to the new permanent bins. The permanent recycling bins will be located on the city streets, as well as one at…

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QR codes on open source beer wins top honors

Yeastie Boys brewing company QR Code marketing campaign

The Yeastie Boys brewing company in New Zealand is cutting edge in many ways. A New Zealand brewing company called the Yeastie Boys is making waves in a number of ways, by making its recipe available to anyone who wants it, as well as by offering this information by way of QR codes printed on their bottle labels. The Digital IPA features five different quick response barcodes that can be scanned with smartphones. This India Pale Ale bottle label features the metallic blue QR codes that direct the smartphone user…

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