New York Times completely overhauls its mobile app model

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The newspaper has scrapped its paid model in favor of brand sponsorships in order to monetize its content. A recent announcement made by the New York Times has revealed that they have completely rethought its strategy when it comes to its mobile app and has come up with a new model that is not based on paid subscriptions. This new decision has been made after the newspaper was unable to generate a significant number of paid subscribers. Although the NYT Now mobile app had a large number of users, they…

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Campden Publishing launches new division that will make use of augmented reality

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Campden Publishing Limited, a publishing firm specializing in the financial and health care markets, has launched its new medical and educational communications division. The new division will be part of the Campden Health Communications group, which specializes in a wide variety of printed media that focuses on issues regarding health care. Campden Publishing has also unveiled plans to make use of augmented reality with the new division, hoping that the technology will bring more value to print media. The publisher will be embedding augmented reality experiences in several of their…

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Korea united through the use of AR technology

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Korea is home to a turbulent and, at times, brutal history. The division between the North and the South has long fed upon the disdain each side holds for the other. In such a baneful atmosphere, it is difficult to envision a reunified Korea. With augmented reality, however, such a fate can be experience in our lifetime. A new AR app from the Korean Unification Project offers a glimpse of a nation once torn asunder by relentless conflict, drawn together again under the banner of unity. The app comes from…

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Sotheby’s launches new QR code campaign for their high-profile properties

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QR codes have been popular amongst realtors. In fact, it was small realty companies that first began using the codes in the U.S. Since then, the codes have spread and become a must-have for companies seeking to edge out their place in the burgeoning mobile marketing empire. Big-name realtors have been slow to adopt the barcodes, with many taking their time to analyze the performance of the codes rather than jump in to the deep end of the marketing pool. Sotheby’s International has just launched a new campaign using QR…

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