Queen of Angels church QR codes promote physical distancing among congregants

Church QR codes - inside of church

The barcodes compensate for the lack of Missals in the pews or printed bulletins on posting boards. New Queen of Angels Church QR codes in Brooklyn are helping the clergy and the faithful to remain safer during service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Gathering can be a risky activity and the Diocese of Brooklyn has suffered numerous illnesses and deaths. The pandemic has hurt both the clergy and the congregants in the Diocese of Brooklyn, requiring careful efforts for physical distancing and meticulous disinfecting practices. The Queen of Angels church…

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QR codes in New York form massive scavenger hunt

13 portals QR codes mural door

Murals with the barcodes have converted the East Village into a large puzzle for visitors and residents. A new street art project in New York City’s East Village has brought together technology and artistic talent through the use of QR codes and a creative scavenger hunt project. The scavenger hunt was created to be incorporated into a number of hand painted murals. The Free Art Society is an art collective that is currently working on painting the space in abandoned doorways across the East Village in New York City with…

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QR codes to be used in New York for city permits

QR Codes used for health inspection ratings

Businesses will now be able to post detailed information through scannable barcodes. The New York City Council has just passed a bill unanimously, which now requires each of the agencies in the city that performs inspections and then issues licenses, permits, and registrations online, to issue QR codes along with them so that they can be scanned in order to obtain that information. The bill was passed in order to enhance the open data laws within the city. Those laws require all of the agencies in New York City to…

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Brainstorming new and innovative ways to do business

This year’s SXSW conference has played host to a number of exciting innovations in the mobile technology sector. Mobile technology has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. With the advent of QR codes and other data matrix platforms, smart phones have become a vital part of everyday life. With the rate at which this technology is advancing, it should come as no surprise that nine guys on a bus were able to launch a startup in less than 48 hours. WalkIN is a service that…

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