This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is brought to you by QR codes

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - mobile phone - photo

The NYC holiday landmark is using technology to help visitors maintain social distancing. For many families, visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a tradition, but this year, some advance planning and QR code scanning will be required. The lighting ceremony already took place weeks ago, but it is still a lovely part of the holidays. This year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Norway Spruce towering 75 feet over the space. That said, just because there’s a lot of room, it doesn’t mean it can stand up to the…

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American Express puts a new twist on mobile payments

retail Mobile payments American Express

Mobile payments could change thanks to American Express Mobile payments are becoming more common throughout the world and have garnered the support of technology and financial firms in recent years. The growing popularity of mobile payments is largely due to the proliferation of mobile technology. Higher smartphone and tablet ownership is encouraging consumers to seek out new forms of commerce that are more aligned to their interests. As mobile payments continue to attract more attention, businesses are working to provide more comprehensive services to consumers. Mobile commerce could become less…

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Sergey Brin spotted with Project Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Sergey Brin takes to New York subway adorned with Project Glass Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is not above taking the subway when he visits New York. Brin was recently spotted catching a train. Attracting attention is something that Brin is fairly used to, but this time attention was not directed at the well known Internet magnate but what he was wearing. For his jaunt through New York City, Brin was adorned with Google’s Project Glass, a wearable augmented reality system that has been the subject of praise and controversy.…

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Occupy Wall Street goes digital with augmented reality technology

Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown beyond the borders of Zucotti Park, where it once held court, but the presence of protestors can still be felt virtually. When protestors descended upon Wall Street last September, they became a media phenomenon. The actions at Zucotti Park were well documented by mainstream and fringe media groups and the effects of the protest were the talk of the town in New York City. The protest has moved on, gaining momentum in other parts of the country, but the Polytechnic Institute of New…

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Android tablets will come with NFC this fall

NFC Technology

This fall, tablet shoppers will, for the first time, have near field communications (NFC) enabled devices available within two of their choices, both of which will be seven-inch Android 2.3 models from TazTag and Sharp. The TazTag device is a combination of NFC with a biometric finger scanner, in addition to Wi-Fi, GPS, ZigBee, Bluetooth, as well as optional 3G. On the other hand, the Sharp RW-T107 is a tablet that is more enterprise-focused which supports Sony Felica’s version of NFC. The two companies made their own separate announcements of…

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