QR codes are the heart of a new partnership with Wendy’s

wendy's QR codes mobile ads

The fast food restaurant chain is now working with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. for its mobile marketing. It has recently been revealed that the fast food giant, Wendy’s, is now partnering with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. – a mobile barcode management solutions provider – in order to make the firm the exclusive service provider for QR codes for the restaurant chain’s branded promotional activities. This was revealed within a news release that said that NeoMedia’s Neosphere product will be central to campaigns. NeoSphere is the firm’s engine for enterprise grade generation and…

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NeoMedia registers an increase of 240 percent in QR code use

QR Code

NeoMedia has announced that when compared to Black Friday in 2010, this year’s use of the app firm’s NeoReader application for barcode scanning increased by over 240 percent. They made this announcement through a recent press release, where they also stated that these two dimensional QR codes are the most popular type of barcode scanned by mobile devices, with 87 percent of scans going to them, while one dimensional barcodes received only 13 percent of scans. According to the chief executive officer at NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., Laura Marriott, retail stores…

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Kodak jumps into the QR code craze

Kodak is expected to make an announcement within the coming days regarding their plans to incorporate QR codes into their marketing efforts. The codes will be put to use on packaging for Kodak’s various products, giving consumers a chance to further interact with the company via the content linked to the codes. The company has already developed mobile sites and videos that will be used with the campaign. QR codes have established their place in marketing as a number of businesses have experienced success through their use. The codes present…

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