ABI Research shows that NFC-based mobile marketing is valued at $300 million

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ABI Research, a market research firm, has released a new report suggesting that mobile marketing tactics focused on in-store messaging and sales tags is currently worth $300 million. The report shows that the value of mobile marketing is on the rise as more NFC-enabled mobile devices enter the commercial market. With NFC chips finding their way into more marketing materials, such as posters and pamphlets, companies adopting mobile marketing strategies may be on the verge of a major breakthrough in terms of consumer engagement. Several companies, including Google and Nokia,…

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Industry shaping NFC Forum updates NFC technology to make it more intuitive

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The NFC Forum, a multinational non-profit industry association that promotes the technology and establishes standards within the NFC industry, has announced an update to NFC specifications. The update will allow NFC devices to interact with one another in an active fashion. Current NFC applications rely on an active reader device, such as a smart phone, and a passive device, such as a NFC terminal or mobile wallet. The Forum believes that the update will make the technology much more intuitive than its previous incarnation. To make use of the Forum’s…

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Nokia has big plans for NFC phones

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NFC is gaining in popularity, finding acceptance all over the world. More companies, both big and small, are opting to make use of the technology as a way to expedite customer service. While much of the focus is on NFC’s affinity for contactless payments and mobile commerce, there are new ideas on the horizon that could change how people look at the technology. These ideas are pioneered by Nokia, and they have some interesting concepts on how to take NFC to the next level. At the Nokia Research Center in…

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Smart phones may just be the health care industry’s new best friend

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There is a rising demand for NFC technology among health care workers in the United Kingdom. Advanced Health & Care, an IT management firm that provides health care services, has reported a massive increase in demand for their iConnect application. The application was designed for home care professionals, but it is becoming popular amongst emergency responders and other health care workers. Company officials believe that the growing popularity of the application is due to the growing NFC market. iConnect allows workers with NFC-enabled mobile devices to receive real-time information wherever…

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