Berg Insight study shows that NFC-enabled smart phones sales will jump to 100 million this year

NFC Technology

A new study from Berg Insight, a market research and analysis firm based in Sweden, paints a bright future for NFC-enabled smart phones. The study suggests that sales of NFC-enabled smart phones will jump to 100 million this year, up from 30 million in 2011. The rapid adoption of these mobile devices is likely due to the growing popularity of mobile commerce. NFC smart phones can be used as mobile payment devices, enabling users to make purchases without having to use physical currency or credit card. The technology is not…

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Study shows that consumers are divided on the concept of mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce NFC technology

A new study from the Auriemma Consulting Group, a financial consulting firm, indicates that there are two distinct groups of consumers when it comes to mobile commerce. The study notes that the division is very black and white. The first group represents consumers who are willing to adopt mobile commerce and purchase NFC-enabled mobile devices. The second group represents those who are unwilling to take part in mobile payments. The study shows that the latter of the two is the largest by a significant margin. According to Auriemma, approximately 30%…

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Connecthings expects to see the end of QR codes to come at the hands of NFC tags

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Connecthings, a company specializing in NFC-based services and analysis, believes that NFC tags will, one day, be the end of QR codes. Many companies interested in mobile marketing have made similar claims in the past, but such predictions have yet to come true. According to Connecthings, however, more consumers are using NFC tags than QR codes. The France-based firm has distributed more than 24,000 NFC tags throughout Europe and has found that they are quite popular with consumers with smart phones. The firm claims that consumers with NFC-enabled smart phones…

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ABI Research report suggests NFC technology will have a major impact on retail marketing

Mobile Payments question confusion

Near Field Communication may be becoming a big deal in commerce, but the technology is still suffering from lack of consumer awareness. ABI Research, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning the status of NFC technology, noting its growth in certain markets. According to the report, the technology may not see the most success in commerce. Instead, NFC may have the most profound impact on mobile retail marketing. For marketers, the technology has yet to show any real attraction when compared to QR codes. The report suggests…

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Intel Corporation joins the NFC Forum as a Sponsor

Intel mobile security software

The Intel Corporation – a global leader in computing innovation – has joined the NFC Forum, which is a not-for-profit industry association that is dedicated to progressing the adoption of near field communication technology. According to the NFC Forum, the Intel Corporation has increased his position to the Sponsor level from its previous position as a Principal. Membership as a Sponsor is the highest possible category at the NFC Forum, and it provides such benefits as a seat on the Board of Directors for the forum, which is responsible for…

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