Elmo Intelligent Motion Control Technologies is driving the RASSOR robot


Elmo Intelligent Motion Control Technologies, a designer of servo drives, advanced network motion controllers & complete motion control solutions for motors, develops motion control solutions for a vast range of modern applications. By combining control algorithms with digital hardware, Elmo’s servo drives and motion controllers minimize a machine’s complexity while maximizing its efficiency and rate of production. This means more powerful machines available in smaller and more lightweight packages, ideal for space exploration as well as a vast range of terrestrial applications. Why NASA chose Elmo servo drives? NASA selected…

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Augmented reality application from NASA allows consumers to explore space

Augmented reality- NASA Spacecraft 3D

NASA takes a step into the mobile applications arena NASA may no longer be conducting missions into the far-reaches of space, but that does not mean that the agency has abandoned its exploration roots. The agency is still immersed in everything that has to do with space and is keen to help others experience the starts as it has in the past. NASA has developed a new augmented reality application that will give users and understanding of how its space-faring robotic spacecraft work. Spacecraft 3D augmented reality application will give…

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Systems Technology brings augmented reality training to the military

wearable Technology News military

Fused Reality training system could change the way the military trains soldiers Systems Technology Inc., a leading research and development company in the engineering and aerospace sectors, has announced the release of its latest military training and evaluation technology, called Fused Reality. The technology combines augmented reality, haptics and motion controls to create a new training environment for the military sector. The company believes that this technology will bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Fused Reality can be used for a number of training purposes, such as…

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NASA looks to make aviation safer with new pair of augmented reality glasses

Military training with augmented reality

NASA announced this week that it is developing a pair of augmented reality glasses. The agency joins a number of companies looking to use the technology in the same way, including Google. Unlike its potential competitors, the agency will not be developing these glasses for a commercial market. Instead, the glasses will be available to pilots and those in the aviation industry. They are being designed to prevent the most dangerous hazards pilots face when landing and taking to the air. Fog is a very common and significant threat in…

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Nasa sends apple into space to track QR codes

QR Codes in Space

QR codes are not often associated with space flight. Indeed, they are almost always relegated to the world of marketing. When NASA announced that it will be using QR codes to help test new equipment being launched with the Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis for its final voyage, the codes seemed to take on an otherworldly importance. Perhaps the only thing stranger than NASA’s choice to use the codes is the equipment the codes will be used to test: Apple’s iPhone 4. Apple has long held acclaim for their innovations in…

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