Wearable technology could soon be powered by a thread-like lithium ion battery

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

This power source has been described as somewhat similar to yarn, and could replace current forms of battery. According to some of the latest power source tech discoveries, the next batteries to be produced for wearable technology could be less like the forms that we currently recognize and more in the form of a lithium ion yarn like threading. These very small and flexible electronics could become the next generation of smart clothes wearables. It could also help to solve some of the issues that are currently faced by the…

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QR codes will be invisible with the help of a USD professor

QR Codes check in

University of South Dakota researchers are on their way to developing the technology. Researchers from the University of South Dakota are now including a well known chemistry professor among the team that is assisting in the development of invisible QR codes. Though these barcodes are traditionally found in black and white, non-visible ones are now needed. Traditionally, QR codes are used on advertising and product packaging, in order to direct consumers to web pages and sites that provide special offers, discounts, and product information. Their ability to hold hundreds of…

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QR codes used to help battle counterfeit products problem

Invisible QR Codes

Fake goods and money are a tremendous struggle for governments worldwide. Invisible QR codes have now been created by researchers in the United States in order to help to combat the large and growing problem of counterfeit goods. These barcodes have already proven highly effective in the marketing industry. This new invisible version of the QR codes can be printed on many different types of materials, ranging from paper to glass, and cannot be seen by the naked eye unless it is exposed to infrared light. The complexity of the…

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