QR codes mystery in Montgomery has been solved

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

The sudden appearance of large quick response barcodes in the downtown area has been tracked to its source. On March 28, Mobile Commerce News first reported that there were QR codes popping up all over the downtown area of Montgomery, Alabama, and that mystery has now been solved now that the owners of the barcodes have been identified. As it turns out, these mystery barcodes were displayed to promote a seminar that was to be held in the area. The mystery was causing a number of raised brows in the…

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Mysterious QR Code Goes Up For Auction

A mysterious plaque has been put up for auction on eBay. The plaque was made by the Norwegian band SHINING to commemorate their nomination in the 39th annual Spellemann awards, the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy’s. The plaque features a QR code which, when scanned, links to the band’s latest album “Blackjazz.” The winner of the auction will also be the first owner of the band’s upcoming DVD, which is a showcases live performances by the band. There have only ever been three other items adorned with QR codes to…

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Eve Online unleashes their mystery QR Code into the gaming jungle

QR codes have officially made their way to the world of online gaming with their implementation in EVE Online. CCP, a game developer based in Iceland, introduced the code via twitter. Fans unfamiliar with the black and white box clamored for answers, while others used their smart phones to scan the code. CCP has encouraged users to scan the codes, as it holds the key to some rather important information. The upcoming PAX East event, a mammoth game convention where developers show off their latest creative iterations, is just around…

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