Digital downloads outpaced by CDs and vinyl for first time in 7 years

Digital Downloads - Vinyl Sales - People buying records

Mobile commerce made many believe purchasing physical copies of media was on its way out. Digital downloads have been on the rise for years. Many have believed that CDs were going the way of vinyl, and vinyl had gone the way of the dinosaur. That said, for the first time since 2011, CDs and vinyl sales are now outpacing media downloading. When iPods and other MP3 players first became popular, the need to buy and store CDs fell. Once those portable media players hit the market, digital downloads and music…

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Capitol Records and Aurasma team to promote Colin Munroe

Colin Munroe

Artist gets a boost with augmented reality Capitol Records has announced that is has partnered with Aurasma, a leading developer of augmented reality software, to promote recording artist Colin Munroe. The Aurasma augmented reality platform will be used to promote the singer’s latest single, “Invincible” which features RZA & Memoryhouse. Capitol Records has developed an augmented reality music experience that can be unlocked through the use of the Aurasma mobile application. The experience is contained within a “trigger image,” which is a picture of Munroe. AR experience available in Canada…

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Sony Music launches new QR code campaign in London

QR Code Campaign Sony

A new QR code campaign has come to the UK at the hands of Sony Music Entertainment. The big-name music company has launched a new campaign to promote new music coming from 11 of the most popular artists under the Columbia record label. The codes will appear in advertisements which will be placed in 100 of London’s famous black cabs. The music industry has been taking to using QR codes in recent times as it has become an effective and inexpensive way to market to key demographics. The advertisements inform…

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