Google’s museum app update lets users find their match in portraits and sculpture

google museum app artwork painting portrait

The new feature went nearly instantly viral as celebrities and everyday users find their fine art twin. Google released a new update for its museum app which took off right away and has social media on fire. The internet has been humming about the way the app lets a user find a match for their face among museum portraits, statues and busts. The application compares a user’s selfie with image recognition that allows them to find themselves in art. The Google Arts & Culture’s museum app update sometimes matches people…

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Augmented reality technology adopted by the British Museum

british museum augmented reality technology

This new learning experience at the massive London landmark was developed through a Samsung partnership. Samsung and the British Museum have now announced that they have renewed their five year partnership deal that will allow them to use augmented reality technology to provide visitors to the attraction with an app that will allow them to learn more than is available on printed signage. The deal is for the creation of a new application that will combine the real and the digital worlds. The app, which uses augmented reality technology, is…

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QR codes central to new app at the Royal Ontario Museum

qr codes payments

The application allows the visitors to the attraction to become the curators and experience a whole new level. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has just released a new app called the ScopifyROM application, which uses QR codes and mobile devices to help visitors to the location to learn a great deal more about what they are seeing than would be possible on the museum signage. The app has been designed to bring the museum experience up to a brand new and more interesting level. The app allows any visitor to…

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