QR codes now applied to Facebook profiles on Android app

qr code on facebook building

The social network is now adding these barcodes directly to its user timelines. It has just been revealed that some Android users of the Facebook app now have the opportunity to give their friends the chance to scan QR codes that are located on their profiles. These scans direct other smartphone device users directly to those Facebook profiles. These QR codes have started to be noticed not only by Android Beta Testers, but also other individuals who do not use the beta version of the app. That said, the barcodes…

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Mobile payments marketplace in US prepares for two major systems

Mobile payments - Isis wallet

The announcements we reported to you from Money2020 last week have the U.S. waiting for the rollout. Last week, we brought the latest announcements from Money2020, as they were happening, including the announcement of two major mobile payments systems, the technologies that they would be using, and the fact that they are both preparing to launch in the United States very soon. These services claim that they will make transactions more appealing to both merchants and consumers. It was also clear that in the mobile payments universe, the winners were…

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MasterCard mobile payments technology “Blend” maybe a winner!

Mastercard qr codes mobile commerce

The 2013 Money2020 event showed a step away from an exclusive focus on NFC technology. Though Las Vegas is alive and hyped at any given time, the Money2020 event, this year, created even more of a stir as news of the focus of mobile payments giants, such as MasterCard and PayPal, on the use of QR codes has turned tech predictions on their heads. Ed McLaughlin from MasterCard was in attendance and revealed a number of insights. McLaughlin is the chief emerging payments officer at MasterCard and he explained that…

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PayPal backs their new mobile payments wallet platform with QR codes

paypal mobile payments app - money2020

The goal of the service is to be able to provide a smooth and seamless omni-channel experience. At the 2013 Money2020 event in Las Vegas, the vice president of retail and prepaid products at PayPal, Don Kingsborough, provided the team from QR Code Press with considerable insight into the goals and future of the service in the smartphone and tablet sphere. Kingsborough referred to the use of these devices as “connected commerce”, which offers notable convenience. Speaking on that subject, he explained that mobile payments as a part of connected…

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