How a portable battery pack is key to 2020 holiday celebrations

Portable Battery Pack

Holidays of all types will need phones, speakers and other devices to stay charged up this year. This year’s holiday season is unlike any other in history and as such, the portable battery pack is predicted to be one of the most important tech accessories for getting through it. Prior years have involved using phone for playlists, calls and texts, but 2020 isn’t like prior years. The reason a portable battery pack is playing such a central role in this year’s holiday season has to do with the greater reliance…

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5 Best Amazon Black Friday deals for gadget lovers in 2020

Best Amazon Black Friday deals

These hot items are all expected to sell out very fast, so savvy shoppers will snatch them up immediately. The best Amazon Black Friday deals are predicted to sell out faster this year than they ever have before. As the pandemic drives substantially more people to shop online than in any previous year, this hottest sale day on the largest online marketplace is expected to be unparalleled. Anyone who wants these 5 Best Amazon Black Friday deals for gadgets is advised to act quickly. The following are the 5 of…

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Finding the best battery pack on the market

Smartphone battery life Computer cable and plug makes battery logo with lightening bolt battery pack

These days, our dependence on mobile gadgets means that backup power banks aren’t optional. A portable battery pack has become a necessity, these days, but with such a large number of options available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your unique mobile device use. The key is to understand exactly how much juice you really need for your devices and how much space you have. After all, there are several things to consider when it comes to a backup battery pack. The first…

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Smartphone battery life may not improve by shutting it off at night

smartphone battery life

Even if you try to give your mobile devices a nap at night, it won’t necessarily improve the lifespan of its power supply. Among the most common practices of mobile device owners in order to try to improve – or at least maintain – smartphone battery life is to shut the device down at night in order to give it a rest from being used. However, a technology expert is now suggesting that this habit doesn’t necessarily provide any benefit. According to the founder of iFixit, Kyle Wiens, a tech…

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Would Planned Obsolescence Control Ever Fly in The United States?

Planned Obsolescence

LOS ANGELES, CA: Planned obsolescence is a type of policy that is particularly present in the technology industry but that is also expanding into many other areas, as well, in which consumer goods/appliances are deliberately created so that they will quickly need to be replaced. This occurs by designing and manufacturing those products by using non-durable materials, ending the creation of replacement parts, and frequently changing the designs for next gen models. Some countries have made specific moves to control the trend involving products that fall into the category of…

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