Mobile commerce is causing nightmares for some retailers

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Smartphone shopping is booming, but it has brought with it a range of different problems for merchants. While many retailers are on board with mobile commerce and have found that they are able to achieve considerable successes by marketing and selling over that channel, that experience is not universal as many merchants have found themselves facing an increase in struggles. Many shoppers are now finding that their experience over m-commerce is not what they want it to be. The co-founder and CEO of SOASTA, Tom Lounibos, has stated that his…

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mHealth adoption is expanding in an odd way

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While mobile health is becoming popular among patients for tracking, they are not sharing their data. According to the results of a new mhealth survey that has been released by Mobiquity that has shown that while many patents are embracing mobile health technology as a way to be able to better track and monitor their diets, activity levels, vital signs, and other helpful data, at the same time they are not all that likely to actually volunteer to share that information with their doctors unless those physicians specifically ask for…

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