Mobile commerce site performance at Dick’s improves

Mobile Commerce - Dick's Sporting Goods

The sporting goods store has managed to speed up its page load time by a second. According to the latest statistics from Keynote Systems, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the decision to slash eight objects from its mobile commerce page has improved its performance by reducing its page load time by a second. Keynote feels that the retailer’s decision paid off as the improvement to the site performance was meaningful. On March 21, Dick’s took its mobile commerce website objects down from 36 to 28 so that its average page load time…

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Mobile commerce website struggles caused by Superstorm Sandy

Mobile platform smartphone error

The hurricane didn’t just impact physical homes and business, but it is also harming the virtual world. According to Keynote Systems, cell towers malfunctioning as a result of damage caused by hurricane Sandy have had a harmful impact on the performance of mobile commerce websites. New York is one of the two areas where the site performance was the hardest hit. The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index measures the performance of thirty retailers. According to Keynote Systems mobile and web performance expert, Haroon Chohan, “Hurricane Sandy caused 25% of cell…

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Five stars for top three retail giants in mobile site performance

Mobile Commerce Industry

The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index data was released, applauding J.C. Penney Co. Inc., Staples Inc., and Sears Holdings Corp., for the best scores among mobile retailers, as well as for the short load times for their pages. The data for the week that ended on December 4, showed that Sears was the top retailer. Its mobile web homepage was able to load in 3.91 seconds, and was successfully loaded 99.44 percent of the time. According to Keynote Systems Inc., the web and mobile performance management company, this earned the…

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M-commerce sites slow down with too much information and too many features

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization

After having made dramatic changes to its mobile website, Bloomingdales failed to experience the positive results that it was seeking. The problem was found to be the amount of content that was available on the site. The issue is that the greater the amount of content that is added to a mobile site, and the larger the number of features it offers, the slower that page will load on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Since the Bloomingdales site included a great deal of content and features…

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