Mobile wallet payments to break $13 billion by 2021 in UAE

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Large and widespread programs are underway for upgrading the country’s banks and devices for mobile wallets Massive mobile wallet strategies have now been launched in the UAE. As a result, mobile wallet payments will reach $13 billion in the country within a span of five years. The strategies will upgrade all devices and UAE banks to accept transactions via smartphones. The Mobile Wallet Project has been launched and will take a 35 percent market share in five years. The prediction is that the mWallet will generate $13.6 billion in mobile…

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Mobile wallets will be used by 30 percent of holiday shoppers

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Nearly one in three consumers intend to use smartphone payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. A recent poll from Stratos Inc., entitled the 2014 Holiday Mobile Payments Survey indicated that about 30 percent of holiday shoppers intend to use mobile wallets in order to pay for the purchases that they make throughout the holiday shopping season. Moreover, 17 percent claim that they will be spending more because these mobile payment options are available. Stratos also discovered that under 5 percent of consumers feel “more comfortable” paying with mobile…

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Mobile payments from T-Mobile may be ready this month


The wireless provider is reportedly ready for its digital wallet launch. Different mobile payments services are popping up everywhere we look these days, as industry giants work on their own or in partnerships to ensure their place in this market that is expected to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars within a short period of time. Companies are counting on the dependency that people have built on smartphones and tablets. They have assumed that because people are using those devices for so many other purposes, it’s only natural that…

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