More than half of users uninstall apps within a week of installing

Uninstall apps - Person holding phone with apps

Data shows that 56 percent of smartphone users are dumping applications shortly after getting them. A new MoEngage study shows that 56 percent of users will uninstall apps within a week of having first installed them. It also found that there is a definite pattern among the applications that users are likely to keep. Users want their applications to load faster, require a small amount of space and remain stable. This data analysis has arrived at a time in which m-commerce is revving up to new heights around the world.…

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Gambling research shows growth continues and much is occurring on mobile devices

Mobile Gambling Trends

Two major online gambling studies have shown that the online casino gambling industry is still growing and that an increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to access these sites and their games. A Forrester Research study showed that among American consumers who take part in online gambling, 59 percent use the mobile web. Furthermore, the results of research performed by H2 Gambling Capital indicated that the growth of the mobile online casino gambling industry is showing no indication of slowing down for many more years. In fact,…

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The four G’s of today’s market place

Marketing has had to evolve over time to reach their target audience on a level they could relate to. There was the 60’s counterculture, the baby boomers, generation X and now generation y, also known as the millennial generation. Advertising had to evolve with each new generation of consumer. But the millennial generation requires retailers to diversify their approach and keep up with consumers on a virtual, social and mobile level.  In the old days, marketing stayed within a pretty standard mold. They may have changed things up a little…

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