Mobile apps are commonly used by American travelers

M-commerce Travelers mobile apps

Ninety percent will use their smartphones in domestic or international travel. According to the results of a recent survey, Americans love to have their smartphones and mobile apps available to use while they are traveling both domestically and abroad, and 90 percent will use those devices regardless of the fact that they could incur roaming charges. The outcome of this survey closely mirrors the results of previous research that has made similar suggestions. This most recent study of the use of mobile apps and phones by American travelers was conducted…

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Mobile shopping trends study shows airline reservations are up

Mobile Shopping trends

Six percent of consumers have used a smartphone or tablet to buy a plane ticket. The results of a new study by WorldPay have now been released, revealing interesting mobile shopping trends among travelers who are purchasing tickets and making reservations. It indicated that there is a growing interest in using smartphones to make their bookings. While it did suggest that only 6 percent of consumers have reserved their seat on a plane using a smartphone or tablet over the previous 12 months, it also showed that 58 percent of…

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Bookings through mobile apps and sites driving growth in online travel sector

M-commerce growth

According to data from the travel industry, mobile apps and websites are seeing a boon in bookings… Last year, it was already discovered by certain discount booking websites that breaking away from offering these services solely through means available to laptops and desktops, and opening the doors to bookings through mobile apps and sites gives consumers a great deal more flexibility so that they can make arrangements as soon as they think of them. Furthermore, by using these services, it is helping to build confidence in mobile commerce practices overall,…

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