Retail mobile commerce revenue is on the rise

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization

New report from Unbound Commerce shows that mobile websites are having an impact on mobile revenue Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile site and payment services, has released a report concerning the revenue growth that its clients have seen during the third quarter of this year. The report shows that the company’s clients have seen a significant increase in mobile commerce revenue. Mobile websites may have contributed to this growth, as these sites have helped retailers better engage mobile consumers and made it easier for these consumers to shop and…

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Mobile commerce is on the rise in New Zealand

new zealand mobile commerce

New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce throughout New Zealand Frost & Sullivan has released a new report concerning the New Zealand mobile commerce market. A growing number of consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online. Many of the country’s retailers are beginning to accommodate these consumers by offering them e-commerce services and allowing them to pay for goods at physical stores using nothing more than a smartphone. Over the coming years, mobile shopping activity throughout New Zealand is expected to spike. Mobile spending to…

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New report highlights trends in the mobile commerce field

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

Monetate releases its latest e-commerce report, showcasing trends that have emerged in the mobile space Monetate has released its latest Ecommerce Quarterly report, covering the second quarter of this year. The report is meant to highlight the most significant trends that have emerged in the mobile commerce sector this year and show how these trends are affecting the overall market. According to the report, there have been dramatic changes in the mobile space, including the explosion of mobile traffic and the increasing prominence of tablet devices in the mobile payments…

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The Value of Mobile Commerce

black friday mobile shopping record

The world is becoming increasingly mobile-centric. A growing number of people are basing their lives heavily on mobile technology, using smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. As mobile devices continue to establish themselves as an integral part of modern society, the demand for mobile services and engagement is on the rise. Consumers want to be able to shop online with their mobile devices while also being able to make payments for goods and services from these devices at physical locations. The value of mobile commerce is primarily financial. The…

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Mobile wallets could replace traditional wallets

starbucks china mobile wallets

Mobile applications are beginning to play a major role in commerce Mobile wallets may soon be in a position to replace their traditional counterparts. Mobile technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of society, and many people are beginning to rely on their smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. This means that mobile devices are becoming repositories of consumer information, including financial data. These devices are also storing information coming from businesses, such as digital coupons and other such offers from retailers and other organizations. Mobile wallet applications are…

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