3 Key Steps for Selecting a Software Development Company

software developement tips for business owners

Choosing the right software development is critical to a project’s success, regardless of whether it is meant to serve the insurance industry or any other.  These projects typically require substantial capital, resource, and time investments. As a result, knowing that the right software development company has been chosen is key to beginning on the right foot. With tens of thousands of options from which to choose, narrowing down the list to the best vendors can be a daunting task. That said, there are some straightforward steps that anyone in any…

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BlackBerry software successes cause company’s losses to reduce

Blackberry software mobile security

The struggling Canadian handset maker is using its digital revenues to make up for its hardware losses. The BlackBerry software from the Canadian smartphone manufacturer has played an important role in the company’s efforts to climb back into relevance and profitability has the revenue from its digital side has now allowed it to reduce its losses. The software side of the company has proven to be a very powerful one and will be integral to its recovery. In the three month period that came to an end in May 2015,…

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Mobile technology news is not good for 18,000 Microsoft employees

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

The slashing of Nokia by the software giant has produced the largest layoffs wave in tech history. One of the largest mass layoffs that the tech industry has ever seen is now making mobile technology news as the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has revealed that the company is working to reshape and redesign itself and, in doing so, up to 18,000 jobs will be eliminated. This tremendous hacking of the company’s workforce represents 14 percent of the total. The goal, said the chief executive officer, is to recreate the…

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