Mobile commerce report shows shoppers are spenders but are inconsistent

Mobile Commerce Shopping

A study by Debenhams says that these consumers are “a twin-edge sword” for retailers. Debenhams has released the results of the analysis of its data, which have shown that although a third of its website traffic comes from mobile commerce shoppers, these fickle customers aren’t always bringing positive experiences with them. The latest research from the store also showed that smartphone shoppers are more lucrative. Those using m-commerce tend to shop more frequently and will spend a larger amount than those who are shopping in the actual brick and mortar…

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Mcommerce expected to bring £11 billion in U.K. sales in 2012

mobile commerce and NFC technology

This year, retail mobile apps should generate sales growth by about 23 percent. The results of a new Netsuite study have been released in their latest report, and have shown that mcommerce apps among high street retailers in the United Kingdom will increase from 70 percent to 80 percent. This includes those that have stated that they intend to have at least one within the next year. The leading platforms for retail mcommerce applications are iOS (at 48 percent), Android (at 45 percent), Windows Phone (at 30 percent) and Blackberry…

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QR codes scanned by 3.3 million consumers in the United Kingdom

Scan QR Codes Statistics

The second quarter of 2012 showed tremendous popularity for the mobile barcodes. The latest study regarding the QR code scanning behaviors of smartphone users has revealed that the second quarter of this year was a busy one in the United Kingdom. The research indicated that well over 3 million British consumers used their mobile devices for a scan. The survey was conducted by comScore and involved the participation of 15,000 people in the United Kingdom. The results showed that 11.4 percent of the smartphone using population of the country scanned…

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M-commerce spiked by 38 percent over the summer holidays

M-commerce growth

Credit for this phenomenal increase is being given to iPad. Now that the summer holidays have come to a close, and students are back in the classrooms, companies and analysts are looking back over the m-commerce shopping that was done throughout the summertime, and have recorded an average increase of 38 percent over smartphones and tablets. This, according to the dealnews online bargain website’s data. Examples of these successes include the surge of m-commerce traffic on Independence Day, this year, when approximately 22 percent of all of the traffic seen…

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