Mcommerce scramble being faced by large retailers like Walmart

Walmart m-commerce gadgets exchange

The retail giant is trying to bring itself forward from having fallen far behind in mobile. A recent mcommerce study performed by comScore showed that almost 86 million consumers – translating to four of every owners of a smartphone – had accessed retail websites using that device in July by way of mobile apps. Brick and mortar retailers are finding themselves falling far behind those that have already excelled online. For example, Best Buy and Walmart are finding themselves dragging increasingly further behind the online giants such as eBay and…

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Mobile search expected to be a multi-billion dollar business by 2017


Challenges keep many companies from finding success in the mobile market Many companies entering into the mobile market are finding the landscape to be unforgiving at best. Facebook, for instance, has been finding it difficult to successfully monetize its mobile solutions due to lackluster interest from consumers, businesses, and investors. Google, on the other hand, has been reporting significant increases in the amount of money companies have been spending on its mobile search advertisements. A new report from Juniper Research, a leading market research firm, details the trends that are…

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What the latest mobile search statistics should say to you

mobile marketing search statistics

Thinks to consider about the rise of traffic over smartphones and tablets Mobile search statistics are showing that searching over smartphones and tablet computers are growing in their importance as an increasing number of people are using their devices to locate the best nearby restaurant, the closest sporting goods store, or simply to find contact information for a business. There has been a tremendous amount of growth over the last year, illustrating how rapidly it is all happening. In May 2011, for example, mobile search statistics showed that the share…

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Research shows iOS sees the highest level of browsing on the mobile web

Mobile Commerce

According to the results of research conducted by NetMarketShare, the operating system through which there is the most mobile web browsing is Apple’s iOS. The study showed that in December 2011, 52.10 percent of browsing on the mobile web originated from iPhones and iPads, while Android devices represented only 16.29 percent of mobile web browsing. Equally, 7.67 percent of all web browsing came from a smartphone or tablet device, which is a notable increase from February 2011, when it was only 3.88 percent. The second largest mobile web browsing share,…

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In store scan-and-scram shopper management strategies

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is now making a solid place for itself, and retailers need to make sure that their strategies are prepared for this new kind of shopper that will use the device to gain information, who are prepared to leave a store after scanning a product’s barcode in order to find better prices online, and who will shop from the comfort of their own home without even heading out to a store’s physical location. Some of the suggestions that have been made for these retailers to make sure that they are…

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