OverstockArt.com sees an almost 270 percent increase in m-commerce sales with new mobile site

Overstockart.com Mobile Site

OverstockArt.com has announced the results of its mobile commerce for the third quarter of 2011, following the soft launch of its mobile site in August and its official launch in September. The transactional website has been mobile optimized and has now been in operation for two months. It offers the user the company’s entire range of products and has already succeeded well beyond the initial predictions for its performance. So far, the results for the mobile site include: • An increase in mobile sales by 300 percent • A boost…

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Best Buy UK makes a significant move into m-commerce

Best Buy Mobile Campaign

Best Buy UK has announced that it is taking its first major step into the world of mobile commerce with the launch of its new transactional website which has been optimized for use with mobile devices in the hopes of driving sales from their users. According to the chain, it is the first specialist electronics retailer to make this move and it hopes that the performance of the mobile website will help the company to take a significant piece in the highly competitive consumer electronics marketplace. The company anticipates that…

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Augmented reality’s day is rapidly approaching

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality has been in development over a number of years, but until very recently, it has been much more of a theory than something that could be usable in the large scale. That, however, looks as though it will be changing very soon due to the rapidly developing technology of smartphones and other mobile devices. Augmented reality is a kind of technology that will allow the users of certain devices to view digital content as an integrated element of their actual physical world. It will provide users of the…

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