QR codes should be a top business focus in mobile

QR codes in mobile commerce

These quick response barcodes and location based services (LBS) are considered vital in mobile commerce. According to the TNS Annual mobile Life Study has now been released and it has shown that businesses hoping to keep up with the latest in mobile commerce – and growth as a whole – should look to QR codes as well as LBS. This study was conducted by one of the largest custom market research firms in the world. What the study showed was that in the United Arab Emirates, an area where the…

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QR codes pinned onto fruit by “Banana Ambassador” from Ecuador

qr code banana ambassador fruit

Before you peel your next banana you may want to have a second look because it might have a barcode on it. Ecuador has started a new campaign using QR codes in order to be able to send its mobile marketing wherever its exported bananas may travel so that it can encourage more people to visit the country. The hope is that people will scan the black and white squares using their smartphones or tablets. The goal of the QR codes is to encourage people to scan so that they…

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QR codes may help save print

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

QR codes could be a useful tool to the print industry It is no secret that the print industry has struggled in the advent of technology. The Internet has made it exceedingly easier for consumers to get their hands on various forms of media they might find interesting. Mobile technology has put excessive strain on books, newspapers, and magazines as these traditional forms of media struggle to connect with consumers that are tethered to smartphones and tablets. What has been a major thorn in the side of the print industry…

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QR codes appearing mysteriously in Montgomery

Smartphone scanning QR codes

An oversized barcode has made its way into the downtown area and nobody knows who is behind it. Montgomery, Alabama has had a unique mobile marketing experience pop up in its downtown area, where QR codes have appeared out of nowhere and nobody seems to know their source. One of these quick response codes, for instance, was found on a power box located outside of Arts Gone Wild. That one was located on the corner of Tallapoosa and Commerce Streets. These oversized QR codes just seem to have come out…

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QR codes make for high tech gardening

qr codes gardening plants

Specialty classes are popping up all over the country to help teach this unique practice. QR codes have been appearing in a growing number of living displays, which have ranged from corn mazes that have broken world records, to award winning botanical displays, and now a growing number of gardeners are hoping to learn how to work the use of mobile devices such as smartphones into the design or sale of their achievements. Greenhouses, botanical gardens, and even acres of crops are now using the barcodes. A growing number of…

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