What one business owner is doing with QR codes to help animals

Snap Shot of Fuzzynation.com

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and more companies are using them to engage their customers in a new way. Jennifer Liu, owner of Fuzzy Nation has just recently begun using QR codes as part of their latest campaign. We were able to get in touch with Jennifer and get her take on the codes.  Can you tell me about your business? We are a wholesaler, branding and design company.  We license Fuzzy Nation branded designs to manufacturers of house ware, giftware, handbags, accessories and watches. We…

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QR Codes and Smartphones…The Dynamic Duo Delivers!

Domex Superfresh Growers, a leading grower and distributor of fruits in the North Western United States, recently received recognition from the prestigious American Advertising Federation. The company caught the federation’s eye with their re-imagined website and use of QR codes. Their use of emerging mobile marketing trends earned them the reward on March 24 and has grown their customer base exponentially. “We have always made our efforts to connect with consumers a top priority,” says marketing and communications manager Loren Queen. Educating consumers about the benefits of healthy fruit has…

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Italian winery announces new QR code on label

Wine QR Code Linked to Carpineto's Mobile Site

Carpineto, a popular winery in Italy, has announced that they will be using QR codes as part of their black label brands to be released in the coming months. The winery boasts of being the first Montepulciano winery to make use of the codes and hopes that they will offer a robust customer experience. The codes will be linked to a mobile website and will present viewers with detailed information regarding the wines as well as offer tips for service and pairing the wines with food. QR codes first appeared…

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Lions, Tigers and QR Codes?

Advertising has gone to the animals, literally. Actually, in this case it isn’t advertising, it’s education. The Santa Barbara Zoo is utilizing QR Codes to give patrons the opportunity to interact with the animals. This is not only brilliant on their part, but a move that should set a standard for every other business out there. QR Codes are small, square, 2-D boxes similar to barcodes. Smartphone’s can download an application that allows them to scan the code and be taken to a website, information or video that has been…

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ShareSquare makes all the right connections

Snap Shot of ShareSquare Website

ShareSquare, a platform that connects audiences with the entertainment industry, made a strong showing at this year’s South by South West conference. They have launched their new initiative today that will make use of QR codes. The company will also offer a content management system that will let clients easily customize the codes as well as obtain real-time analytics. This year’s conference, held in Texas, was overrun with QR codes. As the barcodes become more popular, more companies specializing in their use are beginning to emerge. Mobile technology is likely…

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