Snapdeal enhances its mobile platform through MartMobi acquisition

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The online marketplace is hoping to use its new purchase to be able to boost its m-commerce capabilities. Snapdeal has now acquired an m-commerce company that it will use to be able to boost its own mobile platform and enhance its capabilities. As of the writing of this article, the specifics regarding the financials of this deal have not been released. This will give Snapdeal access to the various solutions MartMobi has created for small and medium sized businesses. The mobile platform at MartMobi was becoming well established in India…

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Mobile platform with the greatest stability is Android 4.4 KitKat

Mobile platform smartphone error

A new set of analytics has contradicted the reports that suggest that the operating system is unstable. A company called Crittercism has released the results of its analytics, which have suggested that – despite the fact that the media has been continually reporting on the instability of the Android 4.4 KitKat mobile platform – that operating system is actually considerably more stable than its main alternative. Those bug reports make the Android operating system seem less stable than it actually is. The analytics that were conducted by Crittercism were based…

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Subway to launch NFC campaign this fall, set to establish itself as a leader in mobile commerce

Mobile Marketing Subway

As mobile commerce continues to gain momentum, Subway Restaurants is poised to set the standard in the industry of contactless payments. The worldwide sandwich company was the first to hop on board Google’s ambitious mobile wallet project. This move made the company the first global franchise to consolidate transactions on a singular mobile platform. Now, Subway is ready to begin putting mobile payments to the test and will be introducing NFC terminals to five markets throughout the world later this year. Subway’s acceptance of NFC-powered payments is one of rationality,…

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Will it be a bumpy road for m-commerce?

  Even though mobile technology is advancing rapidly, and Smartphone productions and sales are way up; there is something that isn’t quite right. While mobile commerce is booming, a recent study says it is leaving most users frustrated and disappointed with the whole process. The statistics show that mobile device use is growing at incredible speeds. The world wants to be mobile, and consumers are demanding to be provided with tools that allow them to do it. It’s more about the data, than the phone; people use their cell phones…

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Everyone should have a little QR code in their daily diet

The food industry is making use of QR codes more these days. Pul Foods, a leading manufacturer of nutritious cereals and snacks, has announced that they will be partnering with Altimo, a software development firm that makes specialized landing pages for businesses. Pul Foods will be using the codes on their packaging and, using Altimo’s software, will construct landing pages that will offer product information and other digital content. Pul Foods will begin using the codes as part of the launch of their most recent snacks. Company CEO, Dr. Deepa…

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