The mobile phones and brain cancer risk controversy continues with a new study

mobile phones and brain cancer risk

Research taking 30 years of data into consideration and that was conducted in Australia produced surprising results. According to the results of a study looking into mobile phones and brain cancer risk, there is no link between the use of a cellular telephone and any changes in the chances of developing a tumor inside the skull. The research found that despite widespread use of cell phones in Australia for three decades, tumors haven’t increased. The researchers from the University of Sydney determined that even though there has been a steady…

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Mobile phones banned at West Craven High School

mobile phones technology school classroom gadgets for teens

A school in the United Kingdom has decided all smarthpones will be banned from its premises. West Craven High School in Barnoldswick in the United Kingdom has now announced that mobile phones are an “unnecessary distraction” and, as such, they will be banned from the premises. The regulation was announced following the student break that occurred over the Easter weekend. The school has deemed mobile phones as a disturbance within the classroom, but it has also stated that these devices have an impact on learning, that they can lead to…

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Tiny plastic mobile phones have become popular tech for prisoners

tiny mobile phone jail prison inmate

Inmates in jail are getting their hands on small devices that won’t be picked up by metal detectors. Tiny little plastic mobile phones are being discovered among the belongings of prisoners in jail and are believed to have become a top seller on the inside, as they can be transported “internally” without being picked up on a metal detector. These tiny mobile devices are just slightly larger than a man’s finger and are almost entirely plastic. The fact that they’re almost all plastic means that the BOSS (body orifice security…

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Almost half of the United States has lost or damaged mobile phones

broken mobile phones

Approximately 49 percent of the country’s population have broken one of these devices or has had one go missing. The results of a new study from Verizon and KRC Research have revealed that Americans have broken or lost a total of approximately 230,685,172 mobile phones, and that nearly 49 percent of the population of the country had experienced these events. This means that about 1 in every 2 Americans has either broken a cell phone or has lost one. The report on the research also identified many of the ways…

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Chick-fil-A uses mobile phones to promote family togetherness

mobile payments use

The fast food chain now has a “Cell Phone Coop” box as a part of a campaign to encourage people to spend time together. Chick-fil-A has now started a new family togetherness campaign that is meant to help people to stop distracting themselves with their mobile phones throughout a meal and pay attention to each other, instead. The new “Cell Phone Coop” is meant to encourage people to tuck mobile devices away during meals. The company has noticed how many families continue to use their mobile phones during the length…

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