QR codes used to help consumers pay for purchases

m-commerce app Sainsbury QR code mobile check out

  A supermarket in London is now testing an app that allows smartphone users to scan to buy. London supermarket, Sainsbury’s, has announced that it is testing a new mobile commerce strategy that will allow customers with smartphones to scan QR codes in order to pay for their purchases, without ever having to unload their shopping carts at the checkout counter. The pilot program is being tested in four of the shop’s locations. The program, which is based on the Scan ‘n’ Go app, is now undergoing a trial run…

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QR codes to be used for mobile payments of everyday bills

Scanning QR codes

The Electronic Payments Association has taken the next step in electronic funds movement. The Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP), has just announced some proposed changes to the way that the American electronic money movement network will be functioning in the future, through the use of QR codes. This latest alteration proposes that QR codes be included as a bill payment option. It is CEBP that is behind the governance, administration, and further development of this funds transfer and exchange network, and it has just released a new document…

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QR codes used at South Korean beach to make payments

Haeundae Beach

South Korea’s most popular beach is getting a high-tech upgrade. QR codes are being introduced to Haeundae Beach, but the codes will not be used for advertising. Instead, they will be used as a prepayment system that will allow visitors to purchase access to a myriad of services. QR code use in the mobile commerce realm has been gaining popularity recently as more businesses and organizations seek to leverage the codes for convenience. Beach officials have said that the codes will help visitors enjoy their stay at the beach as…

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