Mobile payments app feature launched by Wendy’s

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The fast food chain’s application will now allow users in three American markets to pay with smartphones. Wendy’s has just announced that it is piloting a mobile payments program within three of its American markets, which will allow customers there to be able to pay for their purchases through the use of their smartphones. If this trial program proves to be successful, then it could mean the expansion of this option to other locations. The My Wendy’s application for users in Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Albuquerque, New Mexico will…

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Mobile payments trial to start with the hopes of Marks & Spencer

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The small pilot program is being held by the retailer, which is hopeful that it will be successful. Marks & Spencer, the massive British retailer, made considerable mobile payments headlines recently when a report wrongfully indicated that it was adding a new app that was deploying smartphone based transactions throughout. Instead, the story is similar, but it is quite different, as it has started a small trial program. The mobile payments trial began with the launch of the M&S Digital Lab app, which occurred in February. This was a part…

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