Survey shows smartphones are not popular for mobile payments

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Survey suggests that consumers do not enjoy mobile commerce on their smartphones A new survey from Marketing Land and SurveyMonkey suggest that consumers primarily use their smartphones for in-store research rather than for mobile payments. Mobile commerce is still a relatively new concept to many people and consumer participation in mobile commerce is quite limited. Many people do not feel comfortable with the idea of paying for products with their mobile devices, mostly due to security concerns that they have regarding the mobile space. Smartphones provide excellent shopping support The…

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Mobile payments will replace cash and credit cards, say consumers

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A survey has shown that people feel that cashless payments will soon dominate the marketplace. A recent survey performed by Harris Interactive has shown that over 60 percent of American adults believe that mobile payments will have replaced traditional plastic credit card and cash transactions in the not too distant future. Approximately 30 percent believe that this will occur within the next five years. The online poll was conducted with the participation of 2,383 adults in the United States. It ran from November 14 through November 19. Among the respondents,…

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Mobile payments survey shows most consumers interested

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Research indicates that the majority of bank customers worldwide have interest in smartphone transactions. A mobile payments survey conducted by IMS Research that included the participation of 700 consumers from seven countries showed that 60 percent of banking customers are interested in the service. Respondents were from the U.S., the U.K., Turkey, Poland, South Korea, Japan, and China. The report about the survey was entitled “The World Market for Payment and Banking Cards – 2012 Edition”. Its author, Don Tait, is the one of the firm’s Financial and ID Technology…

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