The mobile payments revolution is stalling

Mobile Payments trends

Mobile commerce proves to be a difficult market to understand Mobile commerce may be growing more popular, but mobile money has yet to become revolutionary. Over the past few years, society has become more reliant on mobile technology. People around the world are using their mobile devices more frequently in their daily lives, using these devices to communicate, access the Internet, and shop online. While mobile shopping is gaining ground with people throughout the world, mobile payments have yet to become the revolution that many people believe it is. Consumers…

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Mobile payments options to be offered by Facebook

Facebook mobile payments

The social network giant has nearly obtained the necessary Central Bank of Ireland approval for funds exchange. Facebook Inc. is extremely close to being able to join in the race for mobile payments, in which there are a rapidly growing number of participants, as it works to boost the availability of its electronic money services. The company is moving ever closer to receiving the approval they need to allow users to send and receive funds. At the time of the writing of this article, the Central Bank of Ireland had…

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Mobile payments to be a main focus of hospitality industry tech

Mobile Payments

A recent study is indicating that digital signage and smartphone based transactions are paving the way. The outcome of the second annual Customer Engagement Technology Study has just been released and the results are looking quite positive for mobile payments, digital signage, and even social media marketing. This research was conducted alongside a team from the University of Denver Daniels College of Business. It also included the participation of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration. Its data included 143 results regarding the way…

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Mobile payments will replace cash and credit cards, say consumers

Mobile payments platform

A survey has shown that people feel that cashless payments will soon dominate the marketplace. A recent survey performed by Harris Interactive has shown that over 60 percent of American adults believe that mobile payments will have replaced traditional plastic credit card and cash transactions in the not too distant future. Approximately 30 percent believe that this will occur within the next five years. The online poll was conducted with the participation of 2,383 adults in the United States. It ran from November 14 through November 19. Among the respondents,…

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Mobile Payments mainstream adoption will be led by banks

Mobile Banking Industry

It will likely be the large and well established financial institution that will encourage its wide acceptance. Experts in the mobile banking industry are now predicting that retail banks are going to start to make larger strides into the sector in order to help themselves to reduce costs, improve their innovations, and hang on to more tech savvy customers who are growing in numbers with each passing year. This should also help to establish more mainstream adoption of using smartphones for buying. This does mean, however, that any banks that…

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