Prominent mobile commerce platform adds new features

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Alipay has new features that will make it more than a mobile wallet Alipay, the prominent mobile payments platform from Alibaba and Ant Financial, has introduced a new feature that may expand its influence. The service now has a peer-to-peer transfer and messaging feature, which will allow users to send money between one another using a simple transfer method. The messaging aspect of this feature will also allow users to send digital coupons to their friends, providing them with an effective way to share merchant deals. Messaging service provides users…

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Mobile payments and loyalty program launched by New York Fries

New York Fries mobile payments

The chain will be bringing this option to its 200 various locations and will link it to its Fry Society program. New York Fries, a chain of quick service restaurants that has approximately two hundred locations has recently announced that it is launching a mobile payments, loyalty and rewards app that will also involve a gifting program that it has called the Fry Society. The fast food chain specializes in selling fresh cut French fries, as well as poutine and other fry combinations. The mobile payments program has been created…

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IBM to launch new mobile commerce platform

IBM Mobile commerce app

IBM unveils its new B2B Commerce platform based on WebSphere Commerce software IBM is planning to launch a new business-to-business mobile commerce platform based on its WebSphere Commerce software. The new platform is called IBM B2B Commerce, and is designed to provide a shopping experience for businesses that is more akin to consumer shopping. The platform may help companies that sell to business enterprises the ability to connect with their customers more effectively, especially through the mobile space. The platform will offer these companies a multitude of services that are…

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Mobile wallets will be used by 30 percent of holiday shoppers

Mobile payments trends wallet

Nearly one in three consumers intend to use smartphone payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. A recent poll from Stratos Inc., entitled the 2014 Holiday Mobile Payments Survey indicated that about 30 percent of holiday shoppers intend to use mobile wallets in order to pay for the purchases that they make throughout the holiday shopping season. Moreover, 17 percent claim that they will be spending more because these mobile payment options are available. Stratos also discovered that under 5 percent of consumers feel “more comfortable” paying with mobile…

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What makes Starbucks the ultimate mobile payments – and business – success story?

Starbucks mobile payments popularity

Apple Pay may be receiving a great deal of media attention but it is the coffee shop app that remains the winner. When it comes to the success of a mobile payments wallet app, no other company in the United States can compare to the success story that Starbucks has managed to make for itself through careful and clever strategy. Starbucks has mastered is the idea that while mobile commerce is important, success comes from a complete business model. The areas in which Starbucks has managed to bring vital components…

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