Mobile payments service from PayPal is rolled out with free processing

Paypal Mobile Payments

This fee free transaction opportunity is a promotion that the company will run until the end of the year. Among the latest mobile payments news headlines that are being made is the announcement that has been made by PayPal that it is hoping to attract more businesses to use its POS credit card processing service by offering these transactions for free for the rest of the year. Transaction fees add up quickly and can cut into the profit of a business, making this type of offer highly appealing. The announcement…

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Mobile payments service launch announced by Groupon

Groupon Mobile Commerce

A new option has just been announced for Android users similar to that released in September for iPhone. Groupon has just revealed that its mobile payments service, which has been compared to that offered by Square, is now available to Android device users after having been available exclusively to iPhone customers since September 2012. This new service allows merchants to use Android devices for accepting debit and credit card transactions. The mobile payments service is made possible through a card reader that attaches to the smartphone or tablet, which now…

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