Mobile payments card readers becoming popular with businesses

Mobile Payments market trends

These devices are starting to be an important part of the industry as a top choice among many businesses. Among all of the various forms of mobile payments that are currently available, it is the credit card reader devices that are proving to be among the most popular as businesses of all sizes find different ways to improve their customer experiences through their use. Though initially believed to be ideal for very small businesses, larger companies are using them, too. According to the mobile payments report from BI Intelligence, “The…

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Mobile payments from Adyen claim to offer something different

mobile payments credit card

The company from the Netherlands provides smartphone, tablet, and online services to multinationals. The mobile payments marketplace appears to be gaining new players on a weekly basis, but the recent addition of Shuttle, by Adyen, is being launched under the claim that it will have something different to offer from the competition: customers. The organization which is based in the Netherlands already has a number of multinational enterprises as customers. Among these customers include Groupon, Vodafone, and KLM. The Shuttle also provides a functionality that is slightly different from the…

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