Mobile payments get a boost from PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

In their overall expansion of digital transactions, they have also streamlined their e-checkout process. Last year, PayPal made mobile payments news headlines with its announcement of Beacon as it promised to help to enhance the overall location based experience for brick and mortar stores and their shoppers, and now it is making them again by expanding their efforts for online transactions as a whole. Even as the company pushes its way into offline retail, it is keeping up with mobile e commerce. This week, PayPal launched a new checkout experience…

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Mobile payments from Square take aim at traditional registers

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

A new hardware has just been released by the company today to help to step further into stores. The Square Register, a mobile payments service, has now been joined by a whole new piece of hardware from the company, which should help it to provide a more stable base. The new product has been called the Square Stand and gives the iPad based register a base to stand on. Beyond that, the mobile payments hardware provides the register with an encrypted card reader. The purpose of adding this new piece…

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