Touch ID added to American mobile banking app

mobile banking

U.S. Bank has now announced that this security upgrade with fingerprint scanning is available. One of the latest announcements from U.S. Bank has revealed that its mobile banking app will now support Touch ID for iPhone users as a simpler way to keep their financial details safe while still conveniently accessing their account. This means that users of recent iPhone generations can use their fingerprints as passwords. According to the U.S. Bank executive vice president and head of omnichannel banking, Gareth Gaston, “We have been looking at ways to use…

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Mobile payments app from Dunkin’ Donuts now has a Spanish language version

Mobile payments App for Dunkin Donuts

The application is now available in a total of two languages, with the latest added to English. Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that its increasingly popular mobile payments app is now going to become available to an entirely new group of people – those who would prefer to complete their transactions in Spanish. The latest release of the application allows users to view all of the features in Spanish instead of English. The Spanish language version of the mobile payments app makes the service much more accessible to Spanish speaking…

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Mobile payments service launched by Sionic for national retailers

mobile payments technology

The system has been compared to what is currently available at Starbucks for purchase transactions and loyalty rewards. Sionic has just announced that its Sionic Ion Rewards app will now allow consumers to be able to make mobile payments for purchases in a way that is comparable to the successful method used by Starbucks. The massive coffee chain uses its smartphone app and prepaid cards to allow consumers to buy. The café’s shops receive approximately 3 million mobile payments every week, according to its own statistics. It has predicted that…

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Mobile payments smartphone application unveiled by PDS

Mobile payments platform

Payment Data Systems Inc. has now launched its dynamic iRemotePay app at the App Store. Payment Data Systems Inc. (PDS) is an integrated electronic and mobile payments solutions provider, which has just announced its most recent release, that consists of the iRemotePay application, which is now available to Apple device users at the App Store. The application was developed specifically for iPhone users but is also compatible with iPads and iPod Touch. When the app is combined with a compatible card reader device through the Apple mobile device, it gives…

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Mobile payments app from PicPay brings new option to Brazil

Brazil mobile payments qr codes

The Brazilian company has now launched its smartphone application within the country. The mobile payments marketplace in South America has just gained another player that will help it to gain more traction, as PicPay has now unveiled its new QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones in order to allow the users to make purchases. This service has been unveiled for use among Brazilian smartphone users. The app was created by a small startup which has already managed to partner up with a number of different Brazilian retailers, and…

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