Samsung Pay platform has launched in India

samsung pay platform phone mobile commerce

The electronics giant has rolled out its mobile wallet in a country where smartphone based payments are taking off. The Samsung Pay platform has now officially launched in India. This hasn’t come as any surprise as many have expected the service to enter the country for the last several weeks. The company gave its official confirmation of the launch at the start of this week. The company has pointed out that the service remains in an Early Access form for Indian consumers and businesses. That said, the Samsung Pay platform…

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Mobile wallet, Isis, works to rebrand to distance itself from militant group

Mobile Payments

While a new name has not been chosen for the service, it is on its way in coming months. The mobile wallet joint venture that is backed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T will soon be receiving a new name, as Isis is being rebranded now that an Islamic militant group has been labeled with the same name. The goal is to place a greater distance against the group responsible for violence against civilians in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS militant group has been linked to considerable sectarian violence against government…

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Apriva launches wallet for mobile device users

Apriva Wallet

Apriva, a wireless payment company, has just announced that it is now providing its own mobile commerce platform to merchants who wish to take advantage of the nationwide merchant acquirer network (which consists, mainly, of banks), independent sales organizations, and additional channel partners, that the company maintains. This new service is being called the Apriva Wallet, as it gives consumers the ability to pay for purchases using their iPhone and Android-based smartphones. They have also announced that there is currently a version for Windows Mobile in development. According to Apriva,…

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