Mobile payments are becoming a hit with restaurants and diners

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Companies and brands are discovering a range of ways to appeal to their customers over their favorite devices. While mobile payments technology has taken longer to gain consumer acceptance than had been anticipated by many, and there have been some serious challenges that have arisen and that continue to need to be addressed, there are certain industries in which this tech has started to make some serious headway, and among them is the restaurant marketplace. Smartphone based transactions can provide customers greater convenience and speed in this environment. This has…

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Mobile payment isn’t being adopted as quickly as originally anticipated

Mobile Payments

Though many major international companies such as Google, banks, payment processors, and retailers such as Toys R Us and Gap, are working together to offer customers the ability to use their mobile devices to pay for their purchases, a recent KPMG study is showing that it will still be another few years before the payment method truly goes mainstream. In fact, the study’s results indicate that only 23 percent of consumers are currently willing to use their smartphones to complete a payment transaction instead of cash, credit, or debit. Within…

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