Mobile marketing sees important shift in search activities

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It appears as though many device users are opting for apps instead of browser based engine queries. When it comes to the paid search element of mobile marketing, it looks as though the trend is moving toward apps such as Yelp, and are stepping away from the previously preferred use of search engines via browsers. This is representing a considerable threat to the dominance of Google when it comes to paid search. The reason that so many people are starting to choose apps is that there are so many of…

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Mobile marketing paid search led by tablets in Q4 2012

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A new IgnitionOne report has highlighted the search spending growth including mobile advertising. A report has just been issued by IgnitionOne, in which it has revealed the results of its year-over-year mobile marketing paid search spending growth research, and in which it made some considerable discoveries based on last year’s trends. In the fourth quarter of last year, tablet focused search spending was double that of smartphones. The report showed that mobile marketing for tablets in which use3d paid search saw spending growth that was twice the amount that was…

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