Bring Your Business to Customers’ Hands: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use


Small business owners without a mobile presence are missing out on an enormous slice of the consumer sales pie. EMarketer estimates that mobile commerce sales, including purchases on tablets, smartphones and mobile devices, rose 81% to about $25 billion last year. This statistic alone should be sufficient to galvanize businesspeople into immediate action. U.S. Consumers will access the Internet more through mobile devices than through personal computers by 2015, estimates the International Data Corporation Worldwide New Media Market Model. Now is the time to optimize your site for mobile or…

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Mobile Website: Optimizing Websites to Work Better on Phones

mobile social media marketing

Make Your Site A Mobile Website One of the hottest discussions these days is about how websites can be designed to deliver optimum performance on mobile phones. To figure this out, you need to know what the differences are between a computers’ OS and that of the smartphones. Knowing these differences would enable you to make useful fixes which in turn would help your websites run smoothly on the addictive and ubiquitous mobile platform. Assessing Phone Performance Knowing how your website works on mobile phones right now will give you…

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QR codes add zip to the mobile marketing at FreshXperts

QR Codes

The company has unveiled an entirely new strategy that features the barcodes to connect with consumers. FreshXperts, a produce consulting group, has just unveiled a brand new online and mobile marketing strategy that is using QR codes as a central element to connect with potential customers. The barcodes are being used to make sure consumers can be reached no matter where they may be. The announcement of the new QR codes and mobile marketing plan has come just behind the FreshXperts recent drive to create mobile optimized websites for its…

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Mcommerce is taking off in the Asia Pacific region

mobile commerce asia pacific

Online stores in APAC countries are scrambling to optimize for mobile to meet consumer expectations. In response to the rapidly growing trend toward the use of mcommerce by consumers in the Asia Pacific region, retailers are moving quickly to be able to offer websites and apps that will allow those potential customers to make their purchases through their method of preference. These consumers appear to be choosing their mobile devices over PCs at an increasing rate. Web retailers in the area have hardly missed a beat, by making sure that…

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Brick and mortar businesses never close with mobile commerce tools


Mobile commerce tools for small business owners. As an ever growing number of consumers are using their mobile devices as a regular part of their shopping experience, brick and mortar businesses are beginning to discover that they will need a mobile optimized website in order to survive, and has now unveiled its latest tool to provide businesses with precisely that capability. The tool was created by Andrew Burton and Kyle Keske, both of It was designed to allow mobile landing pages to be quickly and easily created by…

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